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Crystal Bar Soap

Spirit of Eternity Crystal Infused Soap 5oz

$16.00 USD

This is the Crystal Bar Soap that started it all. Created back in 2015 when the company first started this soap was our first to go viral and has been a cult classic ever since. 


Opalite is known as the "Stone of Eternity", and is especially beneficial to hang onto use it through the different stages of life. It allows you to make the most out of your own powers and gives you the feeling that you can soar higher than expected and reach unimaginable goals. By harnessing your inner powers, you’ll consequently feel an increase in your overall confidence and self-esteem. Opalite works to bring forth the understanding of the true self, the true spirit and allows your spirit to fly free. 


The blend of Tropical Coconut and Exotic Mango create a sweet and fruity aroma that uplifts your spirit and makes you feel free every time you use it.