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Facets Of Earth


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The Omnipotent Amethyst

Amethyst is a high-vibrational stone, bringing awareness, clarity, and calming energy. An excellent stone to wear while presenting in front of a group of people, down to simple meditation. It's protective and intuitive energies keep the wearer calm and collective. 

Needing nothing more than a simple soldered copper link chain. Feel free to choose the length you most desire! 

The copper dipping process is known as Electroforming. Creating a battery using positive/negative energies and copper conduct, thick layers of copper deposit onto the stone. Each piece is placed in a bath for approximately 6-12 hours, creating a solid pendant to withstand a lifetime of wear. 

** Please note: These necklaces are made-to-order. You may not receive this exact stone, but a stone of same exact quality. Copper naturally oxidizes over time. A protective seal of wax is put on each piece to extend life of high polish copper.