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Dear Botanics

Rose Dew Mist

$29.00 USD

ROSE DEW MIST refreshes the skin by hydrating with Dear Botanics special blend of aloe and Damascus rose hydroxyl oil.

INGREDIENTS Organic rose otto hydrosol, pure distilled water, organic witch hazel, organic aloe vera, rose absolute essential oil, organic roman chamomile essential oil.

Sold in a 4 oz glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer.

Details from Dear Botanics

ROSE OTTO HYDROSOL The flower of love, possesses an exquisite aroma. It acts as a humectant, helps to balance skin tone, and can be used for all skin types including combination skin and is also known for its ability to soothe irritated or sunburned skin.

WITCH HAZEL With valuable antioxidants. It is especially useful in combating skin troubles such as breakouts due to clogged pores, ingrown hairs, razor burn or acne. Used as an astringent and antiseptic.

ALOE VERA The plant of immortality has a range of benefits for hair and skin. When applied to the skin, it is cool and soothing.

ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL Soothing to heart, and smoothing to the skin. Rose is soothing and nurturing, perfect for quenching and soothing dry, irritated skin.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL Is stress-reducing to the senses and anti-inflammatory and calming to inflamed skin conditions- including puffy eyes.