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Dear October Babes, Your Birthstone is Moody + Enticing.

Posted on February 14 2018

Dear October Babes, Your Birthstone is Moody + Enticing.

It's all about the Opal..

It's no secret that opal is the most vibrant and enticing gemstone on the market. Moody, unyielding, passionate, loving, fiery, mysterious, playful and a little badass- like you, of course! Opal has the ability to make any piece of jewelry look SO good that even strangers will not be able to take their eyes off it. And you'll say, "Hey, my eyes are up here."

Opal is electric

No, really! Just by warming it up with a little rub of your fingers it generates electricity. Have some lint on your shirt? No worries, your handy-dandy opal has you covered (or not covered, hah). It can actually absorb lint, ash and even bits of paper off your clothing. What's even more astonishing about opals is that there are over 100 varieties of opal and each one is just as unpredictable in it's fire as the next. 

Is there really anything not to love about opal? Well, sadly, yes. It is a rather fragile stone due to it's structural make up. Composed of 5-6% water and rating 6-6.5 on MOH's hardness scale, it has the durability of glass. It's best not to wear your sparkly babes while working in the garden, washing dishes, or climbing mountains. 

If you are storing your opal for the perfect piece, it's best to keep it in a little plastic baggie with drops water. I guess you could say opal is the thirstiest, among the moodiest and most enticing of the gemstone kingdom, too. Oh, and your body oils work wonders on this stone.


Here's what we've found out about its magic..

Opal gets real deep :: Puts your intuition on point :: Brings colorful vibes to your Aura :: Soothes the emotional hot-mess inside all of us :: Keeps the peace even when your friend is getting on your nerves :: Fuels your inner creative genius :: Raises the bar on your karmic state :: Makes the best 14th wedding anniversary gift :: Keeps your passion burning something fierce.


Have yet to own a piece of opal jewelry? Check out the shop! Even better, let's make a one-of-a-kind custom piece! 

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  • Chloe: January 17, 2018

    Awesome! I love this write up, I didn’t know that about Opals and it’s my birth stone and I’ve loved them since I was a young kid so that’s so cool! Keep up your great work. Sending love and good vibes

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