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  • I am absolutely in love with this company <3 Not only are their products amazingly unique and high-quality but their customer service is great and the store is so cool! I can't tell you all how many jewelry companies I've purchased from in the past that didn't live up to my expectations, but let me just say Facets Of Earth blew me away. I highly suggest everyone check them out! -Sienna M
  • I can't say enough good things about this shop! Not only the beautiful creations, but the wonderful owner too. Morgan has gone above and beyond for us and my engagement ring and our custom wedding bands. Even offering to facetime us when we had questions. Her work is impeccable and every single piece is unique. We love the thought process, time and energy put into each piece we have gotten so far. She was able to take our vision and turn it into something that truly fits us as a couple. It is nice to work with someone who you can talk to personally and you know will take care of you 100% and then some. My goal is to own a piece from her every year! Visiting the actual store is on our bucket list. Our wedding day wouldn't have been what it was if it weren't for Morgan with Facets of Earth. Thank you a hundred times over! We will forever be customers. -Adrienne V


  • This store rocks! From the innovative and inspiring design of the jewelry, to the sweeping geometric murals and cozy space, this is the spot to go to for gifts both casual and special occasion. Morgan's custom jewelry is a collaborative design process and very fun, and she also has tons of smaller baubles and affordable gifts at every price point. The working studio space is also a lab where customers can see the magic happening. It's a pleasure to witness the support the mentoring of newer jewelry designers as Morgan guides a small team. If you are thinking of going, I highly recommend. The offerings change often, so you're always surprised with something new. -Lydia W
  • I have been a repeat customer of online shop Facets of Earth for a few years now and have always been happy with the level of service, quality of jewelry, and uniqueness of gemstones and design that Morgan provides. Morgan is also very talented in doing flawless ring sizing. For this most recent custom order of super seven and sugilite rings, the purple and pink colors in the gemstones were beautiful and the rings complemented each other very well. Her gold workmanship was very nice quality, with smooth bezels. The low profile and open back bezel settings made the rings so comfortable to wear and allowed me to feel the stones on my fingers. I loved the rose cut facets and rutiles of the super seven stone which enhanced the sparkle. The geometric shape and the multiple pale to darker pink and purple banding and colorations made the sugilite ring very unique. Morgan always provided exceptional above and beyond customer service in making sure that I was happy with my purchases. If I was dissatisfied with anything, I could easily communicate with Morgan and she would generously do everything she could to work out the issue to make sure that I was more than extremely happy with the transaction. I know that I'll continue to be a repeat customer for years to come because I trust that Morgan will produce unique, high quality jewelry with beautiful one-of-a-kind gemstones, and do whatever is needed to resolve any issues to make customers delighted with their purchases for life. -Brenda B
  • Morgan has the exquisite talent to get to know a person and create the absolute perfect piece of jewelry just for them. She created a beautiful and unique engagement ring for me. I am just so happy with it! All my friends are going to Morgan for their engagement and wedding rings. She is such an amazing listener and so knowledgeable. There is no way you will be disappointed with any item that Morgan creates. -Kristina W
  • Morgan is really nice and knowledgeable about jewelry production and repair. Facets of Earth both sells her work and is a curated collection of similarly minded jewelry companies and local artisans and vendors. It's definitely worth popping into during a stroll around the Rondout.
    So far, I've gone there to get a basic repair done to a ring I own that had a broken sodder. I've had other places turn me away because my ring is too thin and fragile and the sodder had been redone 2 times before. Morgan just got in a new laser welder which is what I she used to repair my ring. I think it's in one piece for good!! 🙂 And if for whatever reason it isn't, Facets of Earth guarantees repairs. I'm definitely taking all my stuff here to get fixed moving forward
    . - Shauna K.
  • I'm about to write a pretty lengthy review, so if you don't want to read everything, just know I was very, very satisfied with my experience. If you are looking for a beautiful engagement ring or any other kind of jewelry, I would HIGHLY suggest Facets of Earth.I approached Morgan about some ideas I had for an engagement ring in early December. Having never bought a ring like this before, I was pretty ignorant of the whole process. Morgan took me through all the steps and said she could take care of sourcing the diamond and accompanying stones. I brought up the idea of a custom ring, which is something I had always wanted to do, and she was more than happy to work with me in designing something truly one of a kind. I'm an artist in my free time, and I drew up some sketches to give her an idea of what I was looking for. We discussed my budget and she found a beautiful rose cut diamond (sourced from Canada, so no worries about the conditions of the mine and its workers) and some green sapphires to go with it. She gave me great ideas for the actual ring's composition and we went ahead with a design we both really liked. The result was an absolutely gorgeous ring that was exactly as we had designed it. Morgan put an unbelievable amount of care and consideration into my ring, and it shows. My now fiance was so blown away she cried tears of joy for nearly a half an hour. So, mission accomplished. I couldn't have done it without Morgan and I would suggest Facets of Earth for anyone looking for gorgeous, handmade pieces that are unlike any other piece you'll find. I was impressed with the personal, but extremely professional treatment I received and at no point did I feel pressured to make any rash or uncomfortable decisions about my ring. She worked with my budget and gave my fiance the ring of her dreams. If you are looking for a relaxed, but extremely professional environment to find a wonderful piece (or create one out of your imagination!) please check out Facets of Earth. Morgan will take good care of you and you will have an amazing piece of jewelry that you will absolutely love. - Derek Z.