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Facets Of Earth


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The memory ring, a finer approach to tying a string around your finger to remember important events or tasks. Also known as midi rings or tea rings, these little cuties are designed to be worn at the top of any and all fingers. Afraid they'll fall off? Nope, they won't!

- Band width is 1.25mm, hammered texture

- High Polish or Satin Finish

** Available in Sterling Silver, Gold-Fill, and Solid Gold


(XS) 1.5

(S) 2.5

(M) 3.5

(L) 4.5

Example: If your finger size above your second knuckle is a seven, you'll most likely wear a (M) 3.5. This varies depending on your finger shape and knuckle size. If you are unsure, please visit a local jeweler to be sized. We are also happy to send a finger sizer to you for $5 to use for all future orders.