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Sara Golden

Hathor Cuff

$298.00 USD

Inspired by the sun-disc hieroglyph, this hand-carved cuff has ridges coiling around your wrist. Inset in the band is a dramatic patterned stone that’s custom-cut and set inside a metal sun-disc, like the one worn by the sun god’s daughter, Hathor. The azurite malachite stone has rich, vibrant tones of blue and green with shimmering copper veins.

Each stone is hand-selected for its unique patterning and custom cut, so each cuff is one-of-a-kind and will vary from what’s pictured. 


  • 25mm high with a 7mm wide band; 2-3/8” interior diameter

  • Semi-precious azurite malachite with copper

  • Recycled brass

  • Made by hand in the Catskill Mountains