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Thirst Project

663 Million people lack clean, safe, drinkable 
water on our planet!


Having access to clean water is something that seems like a natural way of living, and it should be! Every living being on this planet deserves to have clean water. 

The task of collecting water tends to fall on women and children between the ages of 8 and 13. Children are unable to get a proper education due to the thousands of hours annually spent retrieving clean water. The average someone has to walk within these developing communities is 3.75 miles. When they finally reach clean water, they fill one or several 44lb jerry cans and haul it back to the village. 

  • On average 4,100 children die per day from water related illnesses. 
  • Without access to clean water, there is literally no food security.
  • Children walk an average of 6-8 hours a day for water



  • 50 cents provides one person clean water for a year
  • 2 dollars provides a family of four clean water for a year
  • 25 dollars provides on person clean water for life

This is where THIRST comes in..

Thirst builds hand pump fresh water wells.

Hand pump borehole wells do not require any sort of external source of power. This makes it very practical, while not expecting any sort of money put forth from these villages to run a generator or pay for solar panels. It's basic and gets fresh water to the people. 

Bio-Sand Water Filters

In some areas of the world, underground hot springs make drinking groundwater even more dangerous than drinking surface water. Thirst goes in and builds bio-sand water filters in families' homes. 

Emergency + Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, people need clean water right then and there. Thirst provides clean water to people in need.