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Why Facets of Earth?

There's no love like your love, and we want you both to love your ring! Like marriage, you create a forever bond with your bands. It symbolizes that moment you decided to share the rest of your life with your favorite human. We are here to help guide your vision and personally create your dream ring in our Kingston, NY studio.

Our craftsmanship (or craftswomanship) is exceptional. We are highly trained lady goldsmiths who consciously source fair mined gold and stones. We will recycle that old gold jewelry that was passed down to you and is just not your style. We will melt down any gold odds and ends in your jewelry box, and create a your new heirloom piece, with years of family history of gold and stones inside of it. Don't want to use your gold for other reasons? We will give you x1.5 your scrap gold value in store credit.

We are a 100% a low pressure sales environment because we want to find the right fit for you! We're not here to try to up-sell you on the next biggest stone, the most expensive ring, or simply just to make a sale. That is absolutely not important to us. Your experience and creating the right ring is what is important to us.

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